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Teeth Whitening refers to a variety of processes that aim to make someone's natural teeth appear brighter and whiter.

Non-Refundable Payment 
24/7 Access to Training Manuel
Consent forms to protect your business
Student discounts on supplies
Before & after care
Sanitation protocol
How to market your business
LLC/ Legalities
Certificate of completion

Online Training only no equipment included

Become teeth whitening technician:
Average cost of service: $80-200
Results last an average of: 6-12 months
Treatment time: 30-60 mins
Treated areas: Teeth

Don’t need to be a dr or nurse and you don’t need a aestheticians or cosmetology license
No Dentist & no pain


Supplies Includes Package 1. $550

Advance starter kit includes:

1 Teeth Whitening LED Light Lamp

2 Teeth Gel (Good for 10 Clients)

1 Pack Gauze Pads 

5 Disposable Finger Tooth Brushs

5 Vitamin E Swaps 

5 Cheek Guard 

1 Teeth Shade Guide

5 Rings

5 Dental Bibs

2 Dental Bib Holder 

5 A&D


Supplies Includes Package 2. $700

Advance starter kit includes:

1 Teeth Whitening LED Light Lamp

5 Teeth Gel (Good for 25 Clients)

2 Pack Gauze Pads

10 Disposable Finger Tooth Brushs

10 Vitamin E Swaps

10 Cheek Guard

2 Teeth Shade Guide

10 Rings

10 Dental Bibs

5 Dental Bib Holder

10 A&D

Will I receive a certificate? Yes You will receive a certificate via email to the address provided upon purchase.

Do you offer courses in any other language? Yes English and Spanish.

Is there a specific license or permit required to take your course? There is NO specific license you are required to have in order to take ANY of our trainings.

Teeth Whitening Online Training

$299.00 Regular Price
$149.50Sale Price
  • Policies non-refundable


    all payments are non-refundable, exchangeable or returned.

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