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• Brazilian Camouflage( $1495)


Our main locations are in California. We have open availability (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays) for California cities.


If you are NOT in California and do not see a date or time in your city, please contact us for more available dates and times. We may be able to accomodate you.


If you ARE in California, please place your deposit by clicking the attend class button, and we will contact you to schedule a date and time that works for you.


Upon receipt of your booking, we will contact you to discuss all details for the booking. Please ensure that all details provided at checkout is accurate


All Courses will teach you:

• How to market your business 101• Scheduling Systems and website creations• LLC / Legalities• Insurance and Consent Forms to protect your business• 6 figure Success Strategies• How to take client pictures


Camouflage Stretch Marks

• Starter kit• Machine​​​​​​​• Machine mixer​​​​​​​• Barrier​​​​​​​• Hands on training​​​​​​​• Training Manual​​​​​​​• Skin anatomy​​​​​​​• Skin tones​​​​​​​• Color correction​​​​​​​• Sanitation Protocol​​​​​​​• Client consent form


Camouflage Stretch Mark

$1,495.00 Regular Price
$1,295.00Sale Price
  • Ink Less:
    Stretch mark treatment this technique uses A mixture of all organic/100% natural serums that is penetrated into each individual stretch Marks. Which improves cellular turnover, reconstruction & fibroblasts cells, collagen & elastin. One of the most natural approaches to help treat stretch marks. This is perfect those stretch marks that have texture. Most clients Will see a huge difference after one session and some may require/multiple sessions.

    Scar lightning:
    This technique is used for those scars that contain hyperpigmentation & texture.

    Using a specific serum infused with special properties & vitamins which is penetrated to the scar.

    By doing so this will help aid the scar & tissue around it to help remove existing hyperpigmentation & texture.
    This treatment is, in essence creating a new scar in place of an old one.
    Removing layer of skin with new skin growing more uniformly.

    Tattooing the skin using flesh tone pigments with the purpose of disguising scar and stretch marks.

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