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Upon receipt of your booking, we will contact you to discuss all details for the booking. Please ensure that all details provided at checkout is accurate


🔴Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a simple and non-invasive cosmetic procedure, Pigments are carefully selected and mixed to match your surrounding skin tone and inserted into the deeper layers of skin using a needling device to correct the color, making scars or stretch marks appear less visible.



24/7 Access to Training ManuelConsent forms to protect your businessStudent discounts on suppliesBefore & after careSanitation protocolHow to market your businessLLC/ LegalitiesCertificate of completionOnline Training only no equipment included

Become Camouflage Stretchmarks, technician:

Average cost of service: $125-$550

Treatment time: 30-60 minsTreated areas: BodyDon’t need to be a Dr or Nurse and you don’t need a aestheticians or cosmetology licenseNo needles, no injections and no painSUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT ARE SOLD SEPARATELY ON OUR WEBSITE

Supplies Includes Package 1. $599Advance starter kit includes:

1 PMU machine (pen)

1 Pack Gauze Pads

5 A&D

5 Dental Bids

5 Small Ink Cups

5 Alcohol Wipes1 Machine mixer10 Barrier

5 Liner needle

5 Shading needles

1 Lip pigment

1 Travel case

5 Pre-post care instructions

1 Skin practice

1 Numbing solution

​Supplies Includes Package 2. $750

Advance starter kit includes:

1 PMU machine (pen)

2 Pack Gauze Pads

10 A&D5 Dental Bids

10 Small Ink Cups

10 Alcohol Wipes

1 Machine mixer

20 Barrier

10 Liner needle

10 Shading needles

2 Lip pigment

1 Travel case

10 Pre-post care instructions

2 Skin practice

2 Numbing solution


Will I receive a certificate? Yes You will receive a certificate via email to the address provided upon purchase.


Do you offer courses in any other language? Yes English and Spanish.Am I required to have a specific license in order to perform these services? You will need to check your local and state requirements to confirm however most states don't require you to have a specific license. We have found in most instances, states don't regulate these services.

Lip Blush Online

$450.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
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