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What is Pmu

Pmu History

Skin Anatomy

Color Theory & Fitzpatrick Scale

Color Correction

Color Swatching

Sanitation & Safety

Rules and regulations

Business Plan

marketing tricks

Edit Photos

Apps to Help your Business

Marketing Tricks

Setting up your Instagram, Yelp & Google Profile

Instagram Boosting & How to Create Reels

How to Price

Potential Earnings

Consent Forms

Appointment Booking Sites

brow mapping

finding the golden ratio

concealing 101


Ombre powder brow technique

Hair Strokes 101

Learning Different Patterns

Learning Proper Depth

Nano Shading 101

Blend with Whip Shading & Pendulum Swing

Combine Hair Strokes & Ombre Practice

How to Give Touch Ups

Before & Aftercare

Clean your Procedure Tray

Model Done By Instructor

hands on practice

Set up Aftercare Kits

set up procedure tray

Live Model

edit your model photos

create your first instagram post

photos with your model

Graduation Ceremony

Copy of Microblading, Nano & Ombre Powder Brows

  • nonrefundable, non-returnable no refunds  please review before making purchases 

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